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We are a non-profit organization committed to the battle against reduced mobility. We manufacture lower limb prostheses and provide them at no cost to anyone who needs them to walk again.

"Mahavir Kmina is a factory of miracles, where everyone has a chance to walk again.


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Anyone who needs a prosthesis can request it with us regardless of the place of origin, age, gender or the cause of the amputation. The only requirement that we ask you is that you are physically and mentally prepared to start over.

More than 4.000 people have been benefited

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Success stories

Many people have regained their mobility, self-esteem and independence with the help of Mahavir Kmina. These are some of them:

Yenifer, a wonderful dancer

Yenifer fell madly in love with dance from an early age. Thanks to her tenacity and the help she received from Mahavir Kmina, she has become a promise of salsa in Colombia.

Ángel Sebastián, an unstoppable child



When Ángel Sebastián sets out to do something there is no human power that can stop him. He runs, jumps, swims, climbs, skates and plays soccer like a star.

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Stand-up weelchairs

A benefit for people with paraplegia

The device donated by the Corporation benefited Gloria Urrego, a woman who suffers from paralysis in the lower limbs due to the impact of a bullet.

July 9, 2018

We are certified

in Good Manufacturing Practices

The certification is obtained thanks to the quality of the processes of the institution and it opens the doors to new opportunities.

December 15, 2017

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