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Approximately 754.000 people live in Colombia with reduced mobility, many of them require a prosthesis that replaces a leg in order to have a decent life. In many cases, amputees do not receive the prosthesis that, in theory, is guaranteed by the Colombian Health System, and obtaining them in a particular way turns out to be too expensive to be within reach. That is why Mahavir Kmina was born with the intention of providing a service of excellent quality and free of charge for those people who do not have the means to obtain a prosthesis.​


In a decade of hard work, more than 5.000 people from 416 municipalities in Colombia and 10 Latin American countries have benefited. Upon receiving one of our prostheses, the beneficiary of Mahavir Kmina obtains the necessary means to recover his mobility, rebuild his self-esteem and regain his independence.

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About Us

About us

Mahavir Kmina is much more than a prosthesis factory, even more than an organization: it is, in fact, an opportunity to start over which can be accessed by all those people who have lost a lower limb and do not have the resources to obtain the prosthesis they need to recover their mobility, self-esteem, and independence.

Our Mission

The Mahavir Kmina Corporation is a non-profit institution that works to be a fundamental part in the rehabilitation process of people who were amputated from one or both legs, through the donation of lower limb prosthetics and psychosocial support that includes the amputee and his family nucleus, under high quality conditions, preventing the generation of health, safety or environmental risks and permanently seeking the satisfaction of its beneficiaries.

Our Vision

In 2025, the Mahavir Kmina Corporation is visualized as a self-sustaining entity, which allows it to be recognized in its social function at regional, national and international level for its innovation and development, and which, in the hands of strategic allies with high standards of quality, safety, health and environment, ensure its permanence and the creation of a support network to positively impact the amputated people of lower limbs and their family nucleus in all their human dimensions. Working under the principles of solidarity, beneficence, human quality and guaranteeing the processes of good manufacturing practices.

Our challenge in figures

The war in Colombia has convinced us of the horrors of anti-personnel mines. However, in many years of work for amputees we have discovered that there are other situations that could be causing a greater number of victims.

There are no valid national data regarding this social problem, but our data are an indication of their situation in the country.

4% are children (0-12 years old)

5% are teenagers (13-17 years old)

25% are elders (60+ years old)

  • Among all common diseases, diabetes is the cause of most amputations, mainly among older adults.


  • In most cases, a motorcycle is involved in amputations due to traffic accidents. The victim is usually the motorcyclist or his companion.


  • Other common causes are work accidents and snakebites.

66% are adults of productive age (18 - 59 years)