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Approximately 754.000 people live in Colombia with reduced mobility, many of them require a prosthesis that replaces a leg in order to have a decent life. In many cases, amputees do not receive the prosthesis that, in theory, is guaranteed by the Colombian Health System, and obtaining them in a particular way turns out to be too expensive to be within reach. That is why Mahavir Kmina was born with the intention of providing a service of excellent quality and free of charge for those people who do not have the means to obtain a prosthesis.​


In a decade of hard work, more than 5.000 people from 416 municipalities in Colombia and 10 Latin American countries have benefited. Upon receiving one of our prostheses, the beneficiary of Mahavir Kmina obtains the necessary means to recover his mobility, rebuild his self-esteem and regain his independence.