With your help, another person will have an opportunity to walk again.​

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Help us to fulfill more dreams

To date, we have benefited more than 5,000 people, you can be part of the change and combat the injustice of which thousands of people who live in vulnerable situations are victims. They need an opportunity to transform their lives, with your help they could have it.

How do I make a donation?

If you want to help us donate more prosthetics to those who need them, you can make a donation through the following channels:


Make a deposit or transfer to our checking account. 


Donate through PSE. Don't forget to make it in the name of Mahavir Kmina Corporation!

Caring for Colombia

Donate through this platform with your credit card or with your bank account in the USA.

otras opciones

You can also help through Wishing Wells, Recopila and Kmina Items.

Global Giving

Give through Global Giving with a wide variety of transaction options.

Other options

Your donation will be doubled!

When you support the cause of Mahavir Kmina, you are supporting twice. Our anonymous managing partner will donate an amount equal to yours, no matter how much it is.

The managing partner

The Mahavir Kmina Corporation has the backing of a Colombian businessman, the founder of our initiative and our managing partner. His commitment to the cause is such that, year after year, he donates to Mahavir Kmina an amount equal to the total donations obtained by us. But that brings with it one condition: we need to get the support of benefactors to count on his.