The one who defeated death twice

Deison is a survivor. He lost his right leg for a land mine when he was part of the Army. Four years later, he also lost his left leg in an accident that almost claimed his life.

Success Stories


Success Stories

Throughout many years of work, we have benefited more than 3,800 people with an opportunity to recover their mobility, rebuild their self-esteem and regain their independence. Some of our beneficiaries have become clear examples of overcoming, because they have endeavored to pursue their dreams despite their disability. Here, we share some of the most relevant success stories we know:

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A great salsa dancer

Since she was very young, Yenifer fell madly in love with dance. Thanks to her tenacity, and a little help from Mahavir Kmina, she has become a promise of salsa in Colombia.

Angel Sebastian

An unstoppable child

When Angel Sebastian sets out to do something, there is no human power that can stop him. He runs, jumps, swims, climbs, skates and plays football like a star. So far, this child has not known limit impossible to overcome.


The brave little girl

This beautiful redhead visited us from Ecuador with a hand made prosthesis crafted from the leather of a jacket - she is currently exhibited at the Museum of Artisan Prosthetics -. Her joy at receiving the Mahavir Kmina prosthesis is unparalleled.


A paralympic champion

Cristian overcame his amputation focusing on what he loves the most: sports. Although he started in athletics as a hobby, nowadays he holds the title of national champion.


The dream of dancing again

Katheryn was the victim of an attempted murder. Although she survived, she lost his left leg in the attack. Now, with a Mahavir Kmina prosthesis, she is more than willing to dance champeta again.

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Jerome lost his left leg before he even learned to walk. The reason: allegedly, an act of medical malpractice. Luckily, the Mahavir Kmina Corporation has given him a prosthesis with which he is learning to walk.


Learning to walk with a prosthesis



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Giving day

Every week, many people come to the Corporation with the hope of receiving a prosthesis that replaces their lost leg. These people cope with a disability caused by a diverse wake of causes. It does not matter, in Mahavir Kmina anyone who requires support to start over is welcome.