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Museum of Handmade Prosthetics

A tribute to recursion

Throughout several years of work, many people have come to Mahavir Kmina with improvised and handcrafted prosthetics. The uniqueness of these empirical solutions motivated us to collect them in order to create an exhibition that now opens its doors to the public. The collection brings together some of the most curious and extravagant prosthetics that our beneficiaries have brought with them to take our own. The exhibition highlights the tenacity of our beneficiaries, those who did not allow adversity to defeat them.

The prosthetics exhibition 

Handcrafted prosthetics that keep great stories

The Museum exhibit consists of more than 15 rudimentary prostheses that are part of our extensive collection. From stick legs to a prosthesis made from a milk jug, at the Mahavir Kmina's Artisan Prosthetics Museum it is possible to find all kinds of inventions that impact because of their strangeness and, moreover, because of what they reflect: the creativity and impetus of our beneficiaries.


The collection of handicraft prostheses that we have is wide, so the Museum has been thought of as an itinerant exhibition that will be renewed periodically. In addition, the awards given to Mahavir Kmina throughout its history are shown in this space, such as the El Colombiano Ejemplar Prize, awarded by the newspaper El Colombiano in 2014.

Leather prosthesis

This small prosthesis is a particularly striking solution for the material it is made of: the leather of a jacket. This invention belonged to a four years old Ecuadorian girl who was born without one of her legs, the boot was made by her grandfather due to the difficulties to access a prosthesis in the neighboring country.

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