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Mahavir Kmina receives Business Recognition in Sustainability

The award, granted by the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Area, recognizes the region's businessmen who support a responsible economy and the reduction of environmental impacts through their processes.

Reconocimiento empresarial en sostenibilidad 2018
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December 14, 2018

Mahavir Kmina received theBusiness Recognition in Sustainability of the Metropolitan Area of the Aburra Valley by complying with all the requirements related to good practices in social and environmental management, also taking into account their economic and competitive aspects.

The entity won the award in the categoryActive, thanks to the implementation of the water recirculation system in the Corporation's Production Area, to later make the sludge available to an outsourced company.

According toMaria del Pilar Restrepo Mesa, environmental deputy director of the Metropolitan Area, what was sought through the three established categories (Active, Advanced and Leader), was to "review and look at which companies had been greatly improving their environmental performance and those are the ones that entered an active category, which were already in a level that they still had to improve processes, but that they were already making a very significant effort”.

"Mahavir Kmina is increasingly committed to the sustainability and quality of the territory's environment."



The recirculation system was implemented through the ProSUR Business Corporation, which supports Mahavir Kmina in its environmental commitment, and was donated by WATA Compañías de Aguas SAS, an organization specialized in this type of machinery.Laura Zapata Restrepo, project manager of ProSUR, says that "through the Sustainable Productivity Table to which several ProSUR organizations belong, Mahavir Kmina is increasingly committed to the sustainability and quality of the territory's environment."

This process, beyond complying with the established regulations, avoiding environmental contamination, brings advantages for the Corporation, since in addition to reducing water costs, it also reduces the costs of public services._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_ 

The entity intends to continue contributing, positively, to caring for the environment and to continue participating in future calls made by the Metropolitan Area to renew its recognition. "We want to be a Corporation that is increasingly responsible for the environment and innovative, improving our practices, thinking beyond legal compliance," he says.Yeni Meneses, Mahavir Kmina Management Systems Coordinator.


Yeni Meneses, Mahavir Kmina Management Systems Coordinator, receiving the Sustainability award.


Tank of the Corporation's wastewater reuse system, thanks to which the recognition was obtained.

the note

The tank was a donation from WATA Compañía de Aguas SAS, an organization born under the commitment to protect the environment by treating water for human consumption and properly returning it to the natural environment.

The Mahavir Kmina Corporation greatly thanks WATA for helping to improve our production process.

For more information on WATA,

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