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El Pozo de los Deseos

The Wishing Wells program is an initiative of Mahavir Kmina that seeks to provide more free prosthetic legs through the support of the wider community. Each wish brings a grain of sand to make a prosthesis that will be given to a person who has lost one of their legs.

Pozo de los Deseos

Nowadays, Mahavir Kmina has 21 wishing wells in most of the main shopping centers of the Valle de Aburrá and Rionegro Metropolitan Area. Together, the wells allow 22 people to receive a free prosthesis each year; with your help, they could be more.

niña pidiendo un deseo
Pozo de los Deseos

How to play?

Think of a wish and deposit a coin in each tab, if the coins are found before hitting the bottom, the wish will come true!

Cómo jugar

If the coins collide...

your wish will come true!

19 shopping centers have already joined the cause

You too can be part of it.

Aventura Centro Comercial
El Tesoro Parque Comercial
Unicentro Medellín

Other ways to help

If you cannot support us with a donation, we invite you to know other ways in which you can help us:

donate a prosthesis

We need your help. Many people are waiting for a prosthesis to walk again; With your donation, we could provide them with the opportunity they are looking for.

Anciano con prótesis de pierna

Deposit your used batteries in the containers


Do not throw away the batteries that no longer serve you, deposit them in the Recopila containers. In this way, you will be taking care of the environment and, in addition, supporting this cause.You know why?


Shop at our


At Mahavir Kmina store we offer some interesting products. With the purchase of these, you are giving a small contribution so that another person has the opportunity to walk again.

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