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Mahavir Kmina offers dentures with custom designs

The project, led by Edwin Velásquez, production leader of Mahavir Kmina, seeks that the customization of the design allows the beneficiaries to express their identity in the prosthesis y  carry it with pride, which would favor his physical and psychological rehabilitation.

Edwin, production lead, is the person who is making this possible.

June 9, 2017

"This initiative seeks to make the amputee feel proud of having a prosthesis."

Edwin Velasquez

A prosthesis is not just a device, it is an extension of the body of the wearer; for many of them, the prosthesis becomes a vehicle for expressing the spirit, like a tattoo or a piercing. Therefore, at Mahavir Kmina we are developing a new level of personalization in our prosthetics.The project seeks that our beneficiaries have the possibility of giving their personal touch to the prosthesis that will be donated to them,adding an extra layer with a color or pattern to the wearer's taste.

The pioneer of this project is Edwin Fernando Velásquez, production leader of the Corporation, who saw the need to personalize and capture the feelings and preferences of the beneficiaries in the orthopedic device they use every day."This initiative seeks to make the amputee feel proud of having a prosthesis, which does not produce pity or sadness but quite the opposite",Explain.

With this purpose, the Corporation will initially prepare a catalog with various samples of colors, patterns and textures so that people can choose theirs as they like the most; Then comes even more customization, allowing recipients to make their own designs. Those interested may purchase their personalized design optionally.

the note

The first person to benefit from this project was Cristian, who lost his leg when he was run over by a garbage truck. Today, he is a national champion in the javelin, shot and discus throws, and his prosthesis is a tribute to his achievements.

Una prótesis personalizada para un campeón  - Mahavir Kmina
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