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Mahavir Kmina donates standing frame for person with paraplegia

The device  donated by the Corporation benefited Gloria Urrego, a woman with paralysis in her lower extremities due to the impact of a stray bullet. 

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July 9, 2018

The Mahavir Kmina Corporation was born with the aim of providing a selfless helping hand to people with reduced mobility. Although his focus has always been people with lower limb amputations,the institution has benefited a persona with paraplegia by donating her first standing frame, an equipment that is used to achieve the vertical position when there is no physical control to do it by one's own means; in other words,it is a machine that allows people to stand up when they cannot stand on their own.

"The corporate purpose of the Corporation is to help people with reduced mobility and this is not limited to the donation of prostheses," says Juan Rodrigo Mejía, executive director of Mahavir Kmina. For his part, Jesús Alberto Plata, technical director of the entity, explains that the standing frame "is a viable alternative for people who have lost mobility in the lower limbs to move around limited spaces such as the house, the workplace or the classroom". According to him,the equipment will allow the person to have greater independence in the use of the arms, will give access to elevated objects and will improve their visual perspective."The beneficiary person will be able to see their peers face to face and will broaden their vision of the world," adds Mejía.

"What makes me s happier is that I can finally hug my children."

Gloria Urego

Gloria Urrego, a woman who lost mobility in her legs after being hit by a stray bullet, was the first person to benefit. "This is wonderful and a gift from God, I'm glad to know everything I'll be able to do now, but what makes me happier is that, finally, I'll be able to hug my husband and children," she said through tears.

the note

The standing frame that was donated to Gloria was developed thanks to the initiative of Freddy Luna, a mechanical engineer from the University of Antioquia, whose inventions have already benefited several people with paraplegia. "The idea arose eight years ago because a friend had a teacher in a wheelchair, I ventured to design scale models of various devices that already existed on the market, but were excessively expensive," he explains. With an initial investment, the idea took shape, but it was the award received by Titanes Caracol that propelled it to public recognition.

Gloria Urrego is the first person to receive a standing frame from Mahavir Kmina.

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