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Artisan Prosthetics Museum opens its doors

The space was conceived as a tribute to the tenacity and resourcefulness of the Mahavir Kmina beneficiaries, as it brings together prostheses that they themselves made with a wide variety of materials: plastic cups, leather, wood, pipes, and even a milk jug.

Museo de Prótesis Artesanales de Mahavir Kmina
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October 15, 2017

Mahavir Kmina inaugurates the new Museum of Artisan Prosthetics,a space in which some of the most unusual prostheses that have come to the Corporation will be exhibited. "Many people come to us to request a leg prosthesis, some of them come to our center with a previous prosthesis that they made themselves," explains Julián Martínez, communications leader of the non-profit institution.

The prostheses found in this space are of great singularity:a shovel leg, a tower of colored glasses, a prosthesis made from recycled leather, a mannequin leg, a prosthesis made from PVC pipes and even one made from a milk jug.All of them, Martínez mentions, represent the tenacity of some people who did not allow their disability to stop them.

"The Museum is a tribute to the tenacity of those who did not allow their disability to limit them."

Julian Martinez

One of them is a huge prosthesis, weighing about 15 kilos, which belonged to Don Israel, a man from Cali who lost his leg due to a snake bite.The prosthesis has an impressive appearance due to the number of patches it has,because as it deteriorated, Mr. Israel repaired it with all kinds of materials that he had on hand at the time.

The Museum is located on the premises of Mahavir Kmina, it is open to the public from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and is free of charge.


Some of the prostheses exhibited at the Museum of Artisanal Prosthetics.

the note

The Corporation has an extensive collection of prostheses, so the exhibition will be transformed periodically. Also,it is planned to take it beyond the organization's facilities as part of awareness campaigns.

The Museum also exhibits the19 awardsthat Mahavir Kmina has obtained over the years and somehistorical photographs.

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