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Don Alfredo José Díez Thank you for your support

In gratitude to the businessman from Antioquia and founder of the Mahavir Kmina Corporation, Alfredo José Díez and his wife, Ángela Mejía de Díez, the work they have carried out since 2007 is recognized, benefiting more than 5,000 people, through the rehabilitation and prosthetic adaptation in lower limbs, at no cost to its beneficiaries. This initiative has not only had a positive impact on Colombians, but also hundreds of foreigners have visited the facilities of the non-profit entity to receive a prosthesis.

In its beginnings, the Mahavir Kmina Corporation was thought of as an organization that would impact, mainly, the victims of anti-personnel mines, at a time when the country was suffering the consequences of an internal war. Thanks to the determination to help the Colombian population, Alfredo José Díez, investigated about leg prostheses, and in the book "Wealth at the base of the pyramid", by author CK Prahalad, he found an organization from India, the which was dedicated to manufacturing and donating low-cost lower limb prostheses to its population. Inspired by this cause, he travels to Jaipur and returns with a cooperation agreement with the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti Foundation (BMVSS) to implement in Colombia the technology developed in India.

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In July 2007, Mahavir Kmina opens its doors, with the hope of changing the lives of amputees, and since then, the experience with each person who enters the Corporation has allowed us to recognize that, in addition to giving back the possibility of walking to a person, each beneficiary, is given the opportunity to regain self-esteem, sociability and independence. This donation impacts not only the life of the patient, but also that of their family, allowing them to return to their day-to-day routines, without the concern of caring for the amputee.

In fourteen years of history, the Mahavir Kmina Corporation has witnessed the transformations and opportunities it has provided to thousands of people, through the work of the team, made up of 17 members, highlighting the cases of some, who have fulfilled his dreams by receiving a prosthesis, later becoming examples of improvement for others. Alfredo José Díez believes in opportunities to start over, and likewise, he has given three beneficiaries of the Corporation the opportunity to work as prosthetists, so that they themselves can inspire the process of other people and show that they do can.


Today, more than 5,000 families can testify to the work carried out by Mahavir Kmina, which is possible thanks to the generosity of its founder and managing partner, who doubles each donation received by the Corporation.

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