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A new team of more qualified prosthetists

New certifications seek a certified production team in the production of prostheses and orthoses with national and international endorsement.

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Prosthetists about to achieve technical labor certification

Deison, Yamile and Ledys, three prosthetists about to get certified.

October 21, 2019

On October 18, 2019, three members of the Mahavir Kmina prosthetist team successfully passed their final exams in the technical labor certification program in prosthetics and orthotics manufacturing, a degree awarded by the TIMDO Polytechnic. Added to this achievement is the title soon to be obtained by Edwin F. Velásquez, production leader of the Corporation, as an orthesis and prosthesis technologist, awarded by the Don Bosco University of El Salvador and internationally endorsed by the International Society of Prosthetics. and Orthotics (ISPO).


Ledys Lara, Yamile Mesa and Deison Urrego, who are also prosthesis users, are the first three Mahavir Kmina prosthetists to complete the academic program and are waiting to receive their degree as labor technicians in Orthotics and Prosthetics. In addition, the Corporation is awaiting the opening of a new call to certify the rest of the technical team.


The new certifications respond, fundamentally, to compliance with Resolution 2968 of 2015 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Republic of Colombia, which establishes the health requirements to be met by establishments that manufacture and adapt custom-made medical devices, including the academic titles that the productive team must have.

On the other hand, the impact of this historic achievement is not limited to compliance with legal requirements; Well, according to Jesús Alberto Plata, technical director of the Corporation, "the leveling also aims for the team of prosthetists to carry out their functions with greater critical criteria", which contributes to the improvement of a free service that already has the seal of INVIMA quality.


Mahavir Kmina congratulates his production team for their achievements and hopes that they will continue to bring pride to the institution.

"The leveling also aims for the prosthetist team to carry out their functions with more critical criteria."

Jesús A. Plata, Technical Director Mahavir Kmina


Edwin, production leader at Mahavir Kmina, going about his usual duties.

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