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Mahavir Kmina opens its doors

Mahavir Kmina opens its doors! Little by little, in the Corporation we resume productive activities, in order to continue manufacturing smiles and fulfilling dreams.


Mahavir Kmina continues to transform itself to offer a better service.

To make this possible, during the last few months, we have prepared ourselves with the necessary biosecurity protocols to take care of our workers and beneficiaries. Within these we contemplate the risks of the people who visit us, taking into account the cases with greater vulnerability and that we must protect.

This is how it was decided that care for beneficiaries should be limited exclusively to those who do not have a basic health condition such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, among others. In addition, before assigning an appointment, we make sure that the person is between 18 and 60 years of age, that they reside in the Valle de Aburrá Metropolitan Area and, for the moment, that they only request a review or repair.

We had to adapt and transform ourselves to provide the best service. For this, adjustments were made in our facilities and we made available sinks, antibacterial gel dispensers and signs to make visible how we should take care of ourselves when we are inside the Corporation.

We trained ourselves to serve the beneficiaries, assuming that the new normality would bring challenges in the service, but that, despite the clothing designed to protect us, we continue to offer smiles with the best attitude.

Today, we're doing a behavioral assessment on reopening, in order to start serving more people, as soon as possible, and make up for the time our doors were closed. We know the illusion that people have behind the wait for the appointment with us, therefore, we hope to fulfill the wishes of hundreds of people to walk again.

We make an invitation, so that we continue to take care of ourselves and comply with the required biosecurity protocols, to continue providing opportunities without taking risks of contagion. Today, the responsibility is in everyone's hands.


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