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The new decade welcomes us with new challenges to face

2020 begins with new projects and challenges that will transform our service. Mahavir Kmina begins a new evolutionary stage hand in hand with technology and strategic allies.

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Mahavir Kmina continues to transform itself to offer a better service.

February 28, 2020

Mahavir Kmina begins the third decade of the century with new challenges to face. Thanks to the commitment of our work team and the support of all the people who have somehow believed in our cause, we have made our beloved organization a benchmark for quality service and social impact. In recent years, Mahavir Kmina has impacted 4,500 families, has obtained 22 recognitions for its social action, has been certified in good manufacturing practices and has been highlighted as an environmentally sustainable institution by the Aburrá Valley Metropolitan Area.


Our free service has been heard throughout the continent and we are pleased to say that our prostheses are being a tool for social transformation in the Americas. The growth that we have seen has been, to say the least, vertiginous and accelerated, which brings us to this moment of great satisfaction, but also of many challenges and uncertainties.

In 2007, Mahavir Kmina set a goal by 2020 to provide 4,500 lower-limb amputees with an opportunity to regain their mobility, self-esteem and independence; a figure that we reached a year ahead of budget.

Now, the organization points to new horizons: Mahavir Kmina wants to be an institution that stands out for the quality of its service. We want to develop new ways to impact the lives of our beneficiaries and gradually improve our technological offer. However, the new decade welcomes us with three enormous challenges that we will face with the commitment with which we have been working for the last thirteen years with the aim of achieving a new vision for the institution.

1. Aiming for sustainability

Perhaps the biggest challenge we face now is to ensure that our service continues to benefit people with reduced mobility for many years to come. We owe a lot to our benefactors, who have believed in this cause and whose contributions have made a significant difference in the transformation of many lives, as well as to our managing partner, who since the birth of Mahavir Kmina has doubled, sometimes more than that, each contribution we have received. However, the current reality of the institution requires us to diversify and increase the contributions we receive to continue offering the free and quality service that is our promise of value.


Although Mahavir Kmina is a non-profit institution, today more than ever it is essential to integrate knowledge in business intelligence, open our possibilities to new financing models and build new bridges with companies, government agencies and the international community.


We will continue to strengthen relationships with our benefactors, but it is time to take risks and create new opportunities. In this way, we aspire to link more fully with crowdfunding platforms, to generate projects that give us access to international cooperation agreements, to generate possible commercial relations with the health sector, to continue building our corporate reputation and to generate new alliances more beyond the borders of Colombia.

2. Integration of management systems

Three years ago, the management systems area was created in Mahavir Kmina, a department that, from the beginning, has aimed at developing actions to improve the working conditions of our talented team, to reduce our impact on the environment, to document the fundamental processes that keep the institution afloat and comply with all legal requirements with a view to the official recognition and certification of our philanthropic cause.


In 2020, Mahavir Kmina feels finally ready to achieve an integration of management systems, a task that will allow us to have a holistic view of the gears that move our cause and more effectively manage our impact in the future, not only with respect to to the attention to our beneficiaries, but also in relation to other fundamental interest groups: the State, the health sector, the social sector, the transport sector, academia, international cooperation organizations, our collaborators, suppliers and benefactors.


We have already achieved the certification of our mission processes, but the integration of the management systems will allow us to reinforce the trust that has been placed in us and aim for higher-caliber recognition, such as ISO 9001.

3. A commitment to technology

The cause of Mahavir Kmina has become known throughout the continent, more and more people come to us to request the service we provide free of charge. The requests do not stop arriving and, consequently, receiving and processing each of them in a timely manner has become a task that demands more attention and time from our staff. For this reason, at the Corporation we have decided to venture into a global transformation of the request reception protocol based on ICT and data mining.

What does the new application protocol consist of?


Thanks to the facilities offered by current technologies in terms of data collection and storage, Mahavir Kmina will replace its current model of receiving requests to a model based on a computer system that will receive them and make decisions in real time, according to certain criteria. selection already established.

The new system, which is already in its adjustment stage, will reduce the time spent on receiving applications and will give beneficiaries more confidence and peace of mind, since they will know the status of their application immediately after having made it.

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