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Home of step opens television for our beneficiaries

At Mahavir Kmina we seek that the care process of our beneficiaries is satisfactory at each moment. For this,We have the support of the Hogar de Paso Papa Francisco, belonging to the Archdiocese of Medellín, which provides lodging and food to beneficiaries and their companions. that come from other regions or countries for a very affordable value.In this space, the beneficiaries can meet and share their experiences, serving as mutual support during their visit to our facilities.  

The Hogar de Paso Papa Francisco allows us to offer peace of mind to the beneficiaries when attending their appointments and as their first connection in the city, it becomes a space for learning and training. The Corporation identified the need for project videos with suggestions and recommendations, as well as information provided by the medical and psychological team, however, the Home did not have a television that could be used to project the information.


Thanks to the donation made by Marta Arrastía Uribe, Ana María Arrastía Uribe, Lucía Uribe de Arrastía, Fanny Agudelo and Clara Ospina, for a value of 1,000,000 pesos, we were able to make the dream come true of instructing our beneficiaries on the basic care of the prosthesis, as well as recommendations for prosthetic adaptation. The 32-inch TV and USB input allow the information to be received with the best quality.  

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