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Puntos Verdes Foundation and Mahavir Kmina We are part of the changefor a better future

The Puntos Verdes Foundation, belonging to the company Lito SAS, has joined Mahavir Kmina by making us part of its more than 50 social and environmental causes in Colombia, in which users can support through the correct disposal of waste from electrical and electronic appliances.The Foundation focuses on the collection of post-consumer waste, which includes: light bulbs, computers, chemical containers and packaging, tires, batteries, and medicines.There are several collection points around the country, on their website you can find the list of cities and places where they are located. 

Every time users (companies or natural persons) deposit their waste at the different collection points,they accumulate green points, which they can allocate to different social and environmental causes in Colombia. In this case, Tronex donated a total of 6,896,073 points, which are equivalent to the same value in Colombian pesos, in order to allocate them to Mahavir Kmina.This initiative contributes significantly both to the environment and to our contribution to society, providing free leg prostheses to those who need it most. We are very happy to be part of this project and promote sustainability, for a better future. 

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Mahavir Kmina has benefited more than 4,000 people

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