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Nayeli was born in November 2008. Estefanía, like all mothers, counted every little finger on her hands and feet. Although she looked without apparent complications and with all four limbs intact, she was born with a heart problem, a condition for which she underwent open-heart surgery at the age of four. Her childhood was never affected by this delicate intervention that was performed on her heart.

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Like any girl her age, she has always enjoyed spending time in the park with her friends, playing, running, and exploring the world. At the age of seven, Estefanía decided to send her to her aunt on vacation in Medellín, to spend Christmas and celebrate the New Year.

It was already January 2015. One day, Nayeli went out to the park, and at that time, she scratched one of her knees, so she returned to her house, with the typical burning, to which they did not see any problems. During those days, the little girl began to feel fever, and as time passed, her body temperature increased. Seeing that her symptom got worse and worse, they rushed her from the emergency room to the hospital.

For the medical team, the first suspicion was a dengue infection, which to their surprise, the presence of this did not appear in the results of the blood tests they performed, but on the other hand, they showed that there was a bacteria in his body. The information indicated that her fever was due to this bacterium that had entered her body.

Due to the wound on her knee, it was not possible to prevent it from affecting her. The bacteria settled in the weak heart of the girl. Due to the complications associated with her cardiac pathology, she presented multiple thrombi, which ended up obstructing some blood vessels, vital for the proper functioning of her extremities, blocking the passage of oxygen, so the necrosis directly affected her arms and legs. "This situation was painful for me, and the whole family. I accepted it because the doctors explained to me that my daughter's life was in danger and the amputations were needed to save her life", says the mother of the little girl, while she tells her story during the interview.

At the age of seven, children begin to be much more aware of each situation and Nayeli, as a result of the amputations, fell into a severe depression. “She was embarrassed by her stumps. At first, she couldn't eat. She had to attend psychological therapy", said Estefanía, recalling that thanks to the necessary care and the love of her family, Nayeli gradually recovered.

Part of this successful rehabilitation process was related to the psychological support that she received from her and with which she learned to accept this new reality in her life. Although she received the arms prostheses and attended the respective therapies, she never adapted to them. Since she carried out all her day-to-day activities with her arms and her stumps, without any inconvenience.

During her physical and occupational therapy, she learned to dress easily. A few days after leaving the hospital, Nayeli received her first leg prostheses thanks to a foundation in Bogotá, with which she began to take her first steps, and although they were not to her liking, she used them for a year.

Then, like a miracle, she and her mother found out about the existence of Mahavir Kmina, through a journalist from Sincelejo, who decided to tell the story of the girl and who, having knowledge of other prosthetic users, benefited by The Corporation shared the contact with Estefanía to start the application process for prostheses as a child. At nine years old, she attended Mahavir Kmina for the first time, and with a big smile outlined, she reflected all the emotion that she felt when seeing that the prostheses that she would receive were much more similar to the rear legs of a person. That same day, she met another beneficiary of the Corporation, younger than her, the beautiful Juliet.

Together, between games and laughter, they received their first prostheses. Prosthetists and family members were surprised to see how easily Nayeli walked again. "She adjusted immediately," recalls her mother. Since then, she has managed to incorporate her prostheses into all activities. Since she uses them all the time, especially to go to school, where she is currently studying sixth grade, obtaining excellent results and sharing with all her friends. "Fortunately, her classmates have known how to understand my daughter's situation. She has not suffered bullying due to her amputations. Bullying was one of my concerns," expresses Estefanía.

Besides studying, Nayeli would like to start swimming lessons, and she has even thought about practicing more sports because, as her mother says: “she is a very independent girl”. Three years after using the prostheses, Nayeli returned to the facilities for its replacement. She expressed how happy she felt with the attention and service that she has received from everyone. Thanks to the support and the opportunity that Mahavir Kmina gave her, the little girl will continue playing, running, learning, and turning each of her dreams into a reality.

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