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Cristian, una inspiración para Colombia - Mahavir Kmina
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Christian Escobar

Cristian is a Paralympic champion who currently occupies thethird place in the world rankingin its category F57, with a mark of 14.36. For his important national and international sports career, he has the support and sponsorship of the Mahavir Kmina Corporation. 


Cristian was born in Cali, Valle del Cauca, on July 16, 1990. He completed his studies and graduated as a Mechatronics Technologist.


At 23 years of age, he suffered a car accident, in which he lost one of his legs. As part of his rehabilitation process with the prosthesis, he began sports training, in whichdiscovered talent and passion for field athletics. 


His sports career began in 2015 and in 2016 he managed to participate in the I National Para-Athletics Open, positioning himself as champion in the shot put and finishing second in the javelin throw.

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National Competitions

I National Para-Athletics Open, (From February 24 to 28, 2016) – Champion in shot put and second in javelin throw.


ll National Para-Athletics Open, (From November 23 to 272016) – Shot put champion.


XI National Para-Athletics Open (From October 27 to 29, 2017) – Champion in all three releases.


National Opens (From April 03 to 08, 2018) – Champion of the three throws. 


Barranquilla – Cali National Opens  (October 16 – November 17, 2018) – Champion in the three launches national record in the three launches.


Bolivarian Games Barranquilla 2018 –  Champion in the 3 tests. 


Juegos  Nacionales  Bolívar Cartagena 2019 –Champion in the 3 throwing tests.


March 2020competed in new category  F57 in Cali. Champion in shot   and javelin throw.

July 2021Medellin– Champion in shot put, National Record andthird in the world ranking with a mark of 14.36.Discus throw champion.

International Competitions

In July 2018went to a blank inArizonain category F64.


Dubai Grand Prix deFebruary 2021 – Champion and national record .He was positioned among the top 8 in the world ranking with a mark of 13.99. in category F57.


Grand Prix Nottwil, Switzerland in May 2021 –   Shot put champion in the F57 category.

Cristian Escobar atleta

your testimony

Cristian has the strength to overcome all challenges and difficulties, for this reason, he shares his testimony with all those who, like him, have dreamed of becoming a talented athlete. 

"My achievements are the result of effort and dedication to improve myself."

"What motivates me the most is to improve myself and break my personal records."

An athlete without limits

Cristian Dubai
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How to support your dreams
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Share this testimony, let Colombians know the story of Cristian, a talented Paralympic athlete. He has the ability to represent a country that, like him, is characterized by its resilience and desire to get ahead.  

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