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New Wishing Wells: There are already 20 located in shopping centers

With the two wishing wells installed in the month of March, we now have 20 wells that are available to the general public to contribute to the cause of Mahavir Kmina by making wishes. 

Pozos de los Deseos

In the Jardines de Llanogrande shopping center, well number 19 was inaugurated, installed on the second floor, diagonal to Bodytech.
In addition, from now on, it will be possible to find a Wishing Well in the De Moda Outlet shopping center, located on the second floor, in front of the escalators and Dollar City. 
With these, there are already 20 wishing wells installed throughout the Metropolitan Area of Valle de Aburrá and Rionegro, thanks to which they hope to obtain sufficient funds to benefit a group of 13 to 17 people.

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