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Gresapp: first application in the world, in Spanish, for the rehabilitation of amputated patients

Gresapp is a mobile application, developed by the Health Rehabilitation Group of the University of Antioquia, to support people during their process before and after amputation, as well as being a tool for their comprehensive rehabilitation.



This application, now available on Android and iOs, is free and offers relevant content for amputees, as well as the definition of what an amputation is, phantom limb pain and sensation, stump care and bandages, nutritional information, exercises for rehabilitation, success stories and the possibility of contacting a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation, who can respond to any concerns that may arise during this process. 


The Mahavir Kmina Corporation, together with its co-founders Alfredo José Diez and Ángela Mejía de Diez, have been key players in its development, providing support through the knowledge of the staff and the creation of audiovisual content; The test of the app was carried out through  some beneficiaries, allowing the team to ensure its proper functioning and relevance for the community it wants to benefit.  


With the creation of these technological tools, the aim is to facilitate access to information during the rehabilitation process of Spanish-speaking people who have lost their lower limbs, also impacting those who do not have a good health service. . 


One of the main features of the application is its optimization, which allows users to install it without taking up significant memory space on their devices.

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