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Paralympic athlete breaks national record in qualifying for Tokyo 2021 in Dubai

Cristian is getting closer to the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. With his participation in the 12TH INTERNATIONAL OPEN ATHLETICS GRAND PRIX, he not only won the gold medal, he also broke the national record of 12.13m, established in 2016, surpassing it with a 13.99m mark.

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Today, the beneficiary of the Corporation occupies the seventh place in the world ranking in his category as a Paralympic athlete and trains daily to be the best in the world. Exercise was the key during his rehabilitation process after amputation and eight years later, his dedication and discipline are reflected in the achievements and medals he has achieved. 


A Mahavir Kmina arrived in 2014, a year after the car accident, in which he lost his left leg. When he returned for his second prosthesis the following year, the team recognized his potential, seeing for the first time the videos he shared of his training and how the prosthesis he had received allowed him to start a path that filled him with enthusiasm and motivation. Since then, the Corporation has sponsored him, supporting him in the needs to participate in the different championships.

On this occasion, Cristian traveled to Dubai, in order to participate in the qualifiers for the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, where Colombia, Valle de Cauca and Mahavir Kmina stood out with their victory and were represented in the best way.

"I was one of those who opened the test, I threw second and it was a competition where I could compete with athletes from other countries such as Russia, the Czech Republic, Jordan and others," said Cristian, who was crowned champion followed by a Syrian and a Russian. 

“Finally, although he did not manage to place himself from first to sixth place in the 24-month world ranking (main objective), with this mark Cristian breaks the national record that had been in force since 2016 by Fernando Mina (VAL) of 12.13m; and is projected as one of the athletes with projection for the next cycle”, said Guillermo Montaño López, Sports Director - Colombian Paralympic Committee CPC


The Mahavir Kmina Corporation will continue to support Cristian, to represent the hundreds of beneficiaries, who, like him, have dreams and goals to fulfill.

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